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Pest Prevention Program

Yard Guard

Our yard treatment has been designed to push pests out of your yard and further away from your home. It helps eliminate pests such as Bill Bugs, Grubs, Ants, Earwigs and Spiders. This will keep your yard from being invaded and destroyed by harmful insects.

Eave Guard

We give your home aerial protection from wasps, bees, and spiders, by sweeping your eaves clean of nests and webs. We even get to those out of reach areas up to 40′ high! Say goodbye to the summer swarms.

Perimeter Guard

We use our advanced barrier spray on the foundation and surrounding perimeter of your home. This is extremely effective at keeping all types of pests out of your home and flower bed areas. We only use the safest and most effective perimeter defense products, making our barrier treatments second to none.

Interior Guard

We treat the interior base boards of your home with a safe, organic based solution. This flushes pests, like spiders and ants, out of your house and keeps them from coming back. This also includes pest control service for the interior of your garage and storage shed!

Perimeter Guard

We use our advanced barrier spray on the foundation and surrounding perimeter of your home. This is extremely effective at keeping all types of pests out of your home and flower bed areas. We only use the safest and most effective perimeter defense products, making our barrier treatments second to none.

Entry Guard

Windows and doors are common entry points for many pests. Whether they are open or shut, pests will find their way in. We seal up these entry ways with a special solution that knocks pests down as they try to get in.

The Green Guard Difference

Excellent Customer Support

At Green Guard we take a top down approach to excellent customer service. This begins in the office, where we strive to answer every call and return every message in a friendly and professional manner. During each treatment, our licensed technicians are always able to offer knowledgeable answers to questions, along with the proper treatments to solve your pest problems.

Service Notifications

You will always know when we are going to show up to treat your home or business. Prior to every service, you will be notified of your scheduled appointment by phone, email and text, allowing you to confirm or reschedule. Then, after each treatment is completed, you will receive a follow-up email notification with detailed information of the service rendered. Our customers love it and so will you!

Safe Products

We pride ourselves in using the safest, yet most effective products on the market. Nearly all of our products are organic based. Each product is carefully chosen and rigorously tested to ensure they meet our high standards. The products we use on your home or business, are the same being used in highly sensitive areas like hospitals and day-cares. Our treatments are safe for the whole family… including pets!

Highly Reviewed & Experienced

Home Guarded
Businesses Guarded
5 Star Reviews

Have Pests Invaded Your Home?

When bugs invade your home it’s not uncommon to quickly call a Boise bug control service. These insects are difficult to remove on your own, and the safety and happiness of you and your family depends on their quick removal.

Yet bug control in Boise is only part of the problem. When these pests invade your home, you also lose something that is important to every homeowner: comfort. It’s not uncommon to feel as though your home is less safe and inviting, even after the pests have been eliminated. These bugs have taken away something important to you – the ability for your home to feel like a place of pure security.

Green Guard Pest Control in Boise

We at Green Guard understand what your family is going through. There are many Boise bug control companies that can simply come in and remove the insects, but that may not always solve the problem:

  • How did the bugs enter the home in the first place?
  • How safe are the products used to remove these insects?
  • How can you be reassured that they will not be coming back?

There are so many questions that homeowners need answered if they want their home to become a place of comfort once again, and without answers or solutions it’s not uncommon for your bug and pest problems to quickly return.

Our goal is to completely remove these doubts. We use a customer focused approach that is designed to not only provide you with expert Boise bug control, but also complete piece of mind so that by the time the project is completed, your home will feel like a home again.

Green Guard is Here for You

Unlike other companies that provide bug control in Boise, we take our customer’s comfort into account. We’ll be there to answer every question you may have along the way, including:

  • How do the bug control services work?
  • How can you keep your family safe during and after treatment?
  • How should you prevent these bugs from coming back?

We’ll answer any questions you may have. We’ll explain each step of the process to you, show you how you can best keep your family safe, and even discuss the maintenance options that are available. By the time our services are completed, you will be confident that your home was in good hands. As soon as the bugs are eliminated your home will once again feel like it belongs to you, and only you.

Let Green Guard Help You With Your Boise Bug Control Needs

We try our best to use only the safest bug control options available, and will always focus our efforts on limiting the stress and anxiety you have about removing insects from your home. Call us today to get started. Our experts will help explain to you what solutions might be available, and can even provide you with a free, no obligation quote to help you decide if Green Guard Pest Control is right for your Boise bug control needs.

The Green Guard Guarantee

Boise Pest control is a process. We provide our customers with safe and effective treatments during each season to prevent major problems from returning throughout the year. At Green Guard we specialize each treatment for the unique pest problems each new season brings. This ensures that pests will never be able to fully rebuild their nests.

In order to ensure complete customer satisfaction, we give our quarterly service customers a full pest protection warranty. The warranty includes year-round UNLIMITED FREE RE-SERVICES! If pests come back, so do we… for FREE. Making Green Guard the best pest control Boise, ID offers.

Pest Control Boise: For Family

No one in the Boise area likes unwanted pests in their home. Bugs in the Boise, ID area can cause major damage and prove to be a terrible nuisance to any home. In nearly all cases of pest problems, this type of damage or hassle could be altogether avoided with the right treatment and maintenance. Finding the best pest control Boise area offers is an important decision for your home.

Pest Control Boise: For Peace of Mind

For most Boise area residents, life can be quite busy. With all that goes on in a day, the last thing that should cause worry or stress is a pest problem. And that includes spiders, which are a traumatic, time-consuming, and unsettling pest to deal with. A good pest control company can provide you with the right solution to your pest problems, like spiders, easing your mind and providing you with more time for other priorities. Green Guard provides bed bug control in Idaho too, specifically for your peace of mind.

Pest Control Boise: For Home

Any resident of the Boise area is aware of the many varieties of dangerous pests found in Idaho. Health hazards can be found with the most common pests like spiders or wasps. Overlooking these seemingly small bug problems can be a serious risk to your family. Such risks can be eliminated for good after proper treatment and maintenance, with family safe products, from a pest control professional.

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At Green guard we do look at being an exterminator incredibly sincerely. We all recognize that unquestionably any time clients are shopping to get a fantastic exterminator in Boise these people need the ideal. Certainly continually try to truly be the greatest exterminator we could be throughout IDAHO. It is our devotion to really becoming the ideal that has generated all of us very significant honor with our purchasers.

As a fantastic exterminator in Boise we in addition always aim to invest time to listen to every one of our clienteles' problems with great diligence and with no impatience. We without fail spend the time. We think it is incredibly essential to guarantee clients feel valued and of course looked after.

Certainly, there truly are not so many exterminator who currently have the expertise together with know how to brand their business as a innovator in their sector. Incorporate that along with our very high degree of customer services and certainly we really feel we're the best fantastic exterminator in Boise in IDAHO.

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Our loyalty to excellence is actually exceptionally substantial. When you're attempting to become a fantastic exterminator in Boise or a fantastic exterminator in Boise, there's truly not one other option but to really do your personal best in order to stand out. Whenever any particular purchaser requires further attention, we all offer this valued client added time. Almost anything to be able to be positive they are very pleased with us as an exterminator. Just remember, we do assistance pretty much all of IDAHO, and so make sure you call.

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Many customers have often described our business as a fantastic exterminator in Boise, a fantastic exterminator in Boise, a fantastic exterminator in Boise and even the ideal IDAHO area exterminator you'll find! This will not come about unless there's amazingly diligent toil and persistence for the businesses consumers and also the unparalleled quality inherent within your end result. In case you're looking around to find a fantastic exterminator in Boise, all of us really believe we're the preferred choice. Call Green guard to explain what you need now! (208) 297-7947.

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Within almost any marketplace, expertise is a top issue affecting end results. If perhaps you will be searching for a fantastic exterminator in Boise, well then this is definitely more true. With being an exterminator, we will certainly show anyone categorically that the ultimate outcome is undeniably driven simply by the working experience of the firm you've been contracting. The extremely huge amount of expertise which Green guard possesses as a fantastic exterminator in Boise, is undoubtedly just why a person have to believe in us for your valued needs. In case you will be searching for a fantastic exterminator in Boise, check out Green guard. Definitely talk to all of us without delay.

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