Practical uses of twin size mattresses

There are different kinds of mattresses, depending to it's size and the materials that composed it. One kind of mattress which is widely used for children's bedroom and school dormitories is the twin size bed mattress.

Obviously, this mattress size is used for twin size beds. Twin size bed mattress is also better known as single bed mattress. It has a dimensional size of thirty-nine (39) inches in width and seventy-five (75) inches in length. It is considered to be the smallest size among mattress sizes available in the market.

Most bed mattresses are made up of the same materials regardless of the size. It can be composed with a foam, latex, fiber, or other materials that are use to make mattresses. The thickness of the mattress does not also necessarily follow with it's size.

For rooms with tiny or limited spaces, a twin size mattress is ideal. In households, it is commonly used for the bedrooms of the children and for multi-user guest rooms. The narrow size that this kind of mattress has makes it also appealing among the users because it's small size gives more space in the room to move around.

Another thing that also makes twin size bed mattresses attractive to the buyers is the simple fact that it is very practical. Instead of buying the expensive king size bed mattress, some people opted to join or connect two twin size bed mattresses in order to have a somewhat king size mattress. Moreover, a twin size bed mattress is also known to be cheaper compared to other sizes of mattresses. One good thing about it is that you can buy a twin size mattress with a great brand with nothing to worry much about on the cost.

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Twin size bed mattresses also come in another variation - the twin XL size bed mattress. It has a width of thirty-nine (39) inches and a length of eighty (80) inches. So, practically it is a just five-inch higher in length that of the twin size bed mattress. The twin XL size bed mattress was designed to accommodate tall teenagers who are staying in school dormitories. It is also used among bunk beds, giving more space to move around.

Despite it's practicality, some people would still opt to buy the larger sizes. The small dimension of the twin size mattresses makes it unappealing to people who have large built and high in height. Accordingly, it is better to buy a mattress that is bigger, regardless on the person who will be using it (can be a petite person or heavy in built), because it can surely fit all - than buying something that is less in size and only the small ones can be accommodated. On the twin XL size bed mattress, people might find a little difficulty finding bedding or a cover that can fit with it because such size is not common and is not always available in the market.

Whether it is a twin size bed mattress, a king size or other kinds of mattresses - what is more important is that the mattress is clean and comfortable to lie down. It should also suit well to the interest and "level of comfort" to the one using it.

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