A Super Notion and Several Things to Consider

Now that spring is here the weather begins to get sunny and warm (except if you live in California like me and it's always hot!) A great addition to any spring time garden or center piece is a small potted plant, and what better way to add a pop of color than with a little pot of joy with so many health and environmental benefits! Below are some of my favorite reasons why succulents have become my current obsession and will continue to be a source of inspiration in the upcoming spring and summer months!

Reason 1: Indoor Air Quality

It's no secret that planting trees promotes healthy air and creates oxygen, but did you know that adding small plants such as succulents to your living space can increase air quality? The watering of the plants alone leads to increased air humidity which can help combat diseases such as the flu! Although small leafy plants such as these don't offer massive amounts of oxygen circulation they help add a spring flare to any side table or center piece!

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Reason 2: Upkeep

If you're like me and hardly have time to spend hours devoted to a lush high maintenance garden then these plants are right up your alley! Succulents require water no more than once or twice every 2 weeks making responsibility almost non-existent! Because of the little need for watering these plants do not become moldy or mildewy! A huge perk for people who are allergic.

Reason 3: They Can Grow In Any Container!

Unlike plants which are confined to pots, succulents can be kept in any pot, basket, or box you could imagine! Any container which fits with your room theme or feng-shui, your succulent can live in!

Reason 4:They're unique!

Spending 5 minutes in any garden center can show you the vast amount of succulents there are to choose from! From pointy and small to tall and wide you can find a succulent of almost any shape, color, and size!

I hope this list inspires you to take a trip to your local garden store and check out the beauty of these little guys! Some of my favorite places to get these tiny pots of joy are Lowes, Home Depot, and The Green Thumb. Other places I've seen with cute arrangements are Wal-Mart, and the OC Fair if you're a Cali native! Remember there are many kinds of succulents in the world so if you don't particularly like the ones pictured here, there are hundreds of kinds to choose from, so I'm sure you can find one you like!

I am also fully aware that there are cactuses pictured above with the succulents, that is due to the ares where succulents grow in garden shops because of similar living conditions.

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