Declutter Your Yard and Boost its Curb Appeal in a Weekend

It doesn't have to take an eternity to get a great looking lawn and garden. You can declutter your lawn in a weekend for an almost instant boost in curb appeal. For larger yards with lots of clutter, it may be best to rent a dumpster to streamline the process. Be sure to call the dumpster rental company at least a week in advance to make sure a container is available for the weekend of your choosing.

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Follow these simple, yet effective, tips to get a clutter-free lawn over the weekend.

Focus on the Flowerbeds

Start by tackling the flowerbeds and other plantings. Remove dead stalks and wilted flowers. Also remove any leftover leaves from last fall that made their way into the flowerbeds. If the mulch or bark around your plantings is still in good shape, simply rake it to expose the material under the top layer it will give it a fresh look.

Toss all the dead leaves, stalks, flowers and old mulch into your landscape waste container or better yet, into a compost pile. Composting is a quick and easy way to have some free, organic, and nutritious compost for your flowers and plantings within a few months.

Trimming Time

Hit the bushes, hedges, trees and ornamental plantings next. A lawn and garden presents itself as cluttered when the trees are allowed to grow out of control and hedges lack any sort of shape. Its not difficult to trim smaller plantings like hedges and ornamental trees. Simply follow the natural shape by cutting back the longest limbs first and working your way in.

Don't try to tackle the larger trees, such as tall evergreens, since it can turn into quite a big job that can have you working well into the following week to get the job done. Instead, call a local tree trimming company to get the job done fast and accurately.

Finish the yard

Use a landscape rake you can rent these at most local landscaping companies to thoroughly rake your lawn to remove any leftover limbs, leaves and other litter. A landscape rake works best for two reasons. First, it's wider than your average leaf rake, so you cover more square footage and at a more rapid pace. Second, landscape rakes feature strong metal tines that are ideal for lifting old, matted-down grass clippings. This helps aerate your lawn for a healthier and thicker growth in the coming months.

Ditch the Yard Ornaments

There's a fine line between yard decor improving the look of a lawn and making it look crowded and cluttered. If you're in doubt about which situation you're in, the best bet is to get rid of the lawn ornaments. This includes things like bird baths, garden gnomes, and other decorations.

You may be able to get away with putting some of these items in your yard to give it a personal touch; however, curb appeal has nothing to do with personal touches. If you are decluttering for the purpose of selling your home, personal touches should be avoided at all costs, including the garden gnomes! A clean, clutter-free lawn and garden will leave potential buyers with an excellent first impression.

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