I'm feeling a bit better today, more positive.

It's amazing what playing some funky music, cleaning up the house and playing with the family can do for the spirits.

When I was de-cluttering I found a Nerf football and took it outside to where the hubs was cleaning out the garage and yelled "Go long!!" He did and we ended up playing a little catch with the kids for about 20 minutes. Then I played with my puppy - he loves to fetch his squeaky ball and bring it back to me. You'd think he was a retriever instead of a Samoyed. Obligatory puppy pictures for your viewing enjoyment

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I did a lot of cleaning in the house this weekend which gave me a solid sense of having control and it felt good to get all that crap put away or thrown away. We are horrible clutter bugs. We could totally be on Clean Sweep on TLC.

Last night the hubs and I made a killer stir fry together. Lean protein and veggies are so good for the body and I swear stir fry has healing powers - LOL.

I think the tough part has been that the hubs wants me to keep working at the scheduling job until I have enough enrollments in the daycare. The problem with that is the scheduling job is so all consuming that it doesn't leave any time for working on building the daycare enrollment by posting flyers, making phone calls, getting the house clean for people coming through for interviews or open house, etc. But this weekend I blew off that job to work on the other and it felt great. Refocused on the family and our home the way I haven't in months.

I will find a way to make this work out as this is what I really want. My children are young for only so long and before I know it they will be gone. I want to be sure they have a strong foundation before they go off into the world and I can't do that only partially focused on them. Raising them well is the most important job I will ever have and I can't screw it up.

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