A Very Good Mystery and the Story Behind the Story

It was a sad trip round my garden last week asI noticed the number of plants that had not made it through the winter. There was less sign of new shoots and more brown, dead leaves that had no chance of sprouting new growth. To my delight and surprise our palm tree not only survived but is flourishing and needed it's lower leaves removing. When I bought it about four years ago I was told it was hardy to at least minus 13 degrees. I can only think that this temperature was narrowly missed.

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In this time of economic hardship I did not want to buy new plants but nor do I want to see lots of gaps in my borders. I have had to ask for expert help. A nursery lady is coming in to advise me on what I should plant, where and what precautions I can take if any. This comes at a cost but so do the plants. If you have a similar situation and like me are not an expert you may need assistance. In Groomfields we have a range of people with wide experience of plants so if you need any help give usa call.

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Post Resources - Thank you Alannah! I realize you are very busy. Thanks for making the time.

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