How to Plan a Fun and Exciting Family Reunion

Family reunions are fun and exciting. This is the time family members can catch up on each other's lives, further strengthen their bonds, or just simply enjoy each other's company. I remember the first time I went to a family reunion. I was so happy to see all the different relatives I had on my father side. We had so much fun from eating together and playing games together.

A family reunion is one big party, so you want to keep it fun and exciting . If you are tasked to organize the next family reunion how exactly do you keep it fun? Here are a few suggestions.

1. Create a Theme

Get your guests turn up in a family reunion theme. An example is a Hawaiian theme. If you send the invitations, let your guests know about the theme so that they arrive in their best Hawaiian get ups. Just imagine how thrilled your guests will be when they arrive at the venue and welcoming ushers dressed traditional Hawaiian garb place colorful leis around their necks and they see that the entire place is decorated with a tropical theme. Set up a Tiki Hut or a Tiki Bar and place drinks served in cups and glasses of coconut shells, tropical fruits of the buffet table. There are many themes, you can use for your own family gatherings. Visit the different family reunion websites for more ideas.

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2. Set up Ice Breaker Games

As soon as your guests arrive at the family reunion venue, you start the ice breaker! This is to help the the guest who are not familiar with the rest of the family warm up. During the ice-breakers you can play games such as "Human Bingo", "I am a Turtle" and "Bring Me." Consider this part of the event as a warm-up that will get the guests comfortable and relaxed.

In Human Bingo, for example, very bingo card contains certain characteristics of someone in the family. It can be a physical quality (such as mole on his face, red dyed hair, long hair, etc.). Give each family member a bingo card and each one should look for members who have the characteristics. Once they know who it is the person should sign their card for them. The first person to complete his or her bingo card wins. This particular icebreaker is a wonderful way to help new family members get acquainted with the other family members

In "I Am A Turtle," a younger family members will draw something that it represents. It can be an animal or object. The older family members then attempt to explain how the animal or object relates drawn to the young member. This particular icebreaker is a great way for the younger and older generations to get to know each other.

A good variation of a "Bring Me" to meet everyone in the family is the contestants are not allowed to get the required things from their immediate relatives but from relatives that they're not familiar with.

3. Bring on the Games

Have the family members engage in different games like the "Generation sack race" where a younger member is paired with an older member like an uncle or a grandfather.

Pit the different families against each other in a "Family Tug of War. To add to the challenge, put a puddle of mud between the two families. The family that ends up in the mud wins.

There are many other games you can use for your family celebration. In fact, you can add your own twist on some of the games, so they bring for the event. For more game ideas, visit some family reunion ideas.

4. Entertainment

Keep all the energy level by up to some entertainment. Hire a live band, or hold a dance party. You can also gain the participation of family members themselves. Cheer up the children by doing a puppet show, held an afternoon of art and commerce only for them, or makes a storytelling session. If there are singers and dancers in the family, they have no numbers.

You can get your family reunion fun, exciting. You have enough resources available in the internet so it pays to do your research. Good luck!

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