Fumigation in Boise

No one wants to go through the process of fumigation. Like no other pest control services, fumigation is seen as one of the most distressing. It takes time and effort, but most of all it can be taxing on you and your family as you have to deal with the stresses of the fumigation experience.

Fumigation is rough on everyone, which is why we at Green Guard strive to make all of those that need fumigation in Boise confident that their job is being handled the right way, so that you can come back to your home worry free.

Boise Fumigation Processes

Pest control experts use fumigation to help families that have a significant pest problem. The process involves completely enveloping a room or property with products that are known to remove pests, known as “fumigants.” Fumigants ensure that pests cannot hide in areas around your home and repopulate, which is why Boise fumigation is one of the most effective forms of pest removal.

The Green Guard Strategy for Fumigation in Boise

Before we even begin, we’ll make sure that fumigation is truly necessary. We’ll see if there are any other pest control methods that can be used in order to avoid the process altogether. If not, rest assured that we are the Boise fumigation experts. We take every precaution to guarantee that you and your family are informed and safe throughout the process.


We at Green Guard keep up to date with the latest in fumigation strategy and research. It is our goal that we provide you not only with the best fumigation services in Boise, but also the best available techniques used across the country. We’ll always look for any new innovation in fumigation sciences.


We have all of the applicable state and city licenses for performing fumigation in Boise. All of our experts are trained in the latest fumigation techniques, and go through extensive safety training to ensure that the process is completed correctly.

Post Process Ventilation

Once your home has been fumigated, we’ll inspect every nook and cranny to make sure that the fumigants have been completely ventilated, so that you and your family are coming home to a safe, pest free household.

Peace of Mind

We’ll also keep you informed throughout the way; answering any questions you may have and helping you transition back to your home. We can also provide you with any tips and strategies you can take to prevent these pests from coming back.

Partner With Green Guard Today

Green Guard is the only Idaho pest control company that recognizes the importance of peace of mind when it comes to the pest control and fumigation processes. Give us a call to schedule an appointment, and let us work with you to decide if fumigation is the right strategy for your pest control needs.

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